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  1. Wyatt Jordan


  2. Obama Worm


  3. Isaiah Buchanan

    I got jump scared so many ties this video

  4. Daniel McKellar

    play bugsnax its on ps4/5

  5. Matthew Bell

    At 5:15 mark admits to once being the gongoozler

  6. Kayleigh Haines

    Markiplier: going insane Lixian: your dumb intro stays I miss old mark, or young mark, old youtube

  7. Derek Liu

    Why didn't you find German MRE's Foo?

  8. h a l o h a i l e y

    you should replay the stanley parable!!

  9. Penguin The Wise

    Lixian’s facial expressions are amazing

  10. Colin Kozlovich

    14:04 Every chef ever when the customer feels the need to eat everything while still asserting dominance over the kitchen, lmao. Though I will say watching Mark go through this is both entertaining and a nice extracurricular resource to help me work through my kitchen-related PTSD.

  11. CottenCandy Fox

    Thankyou for everything you do

  12. your last brain cell

    I very much recommend watching marks videos with subtitles :)

  13. Toby Wainleft

    Lixian's humour is basically zooming in and being Portuguese And I love it

  14. Sydni Pryce

    Honestly why does the restaurant in this game have better appliances than the one I work at lol.

  15. I am Person

    "The old me wasn't very good at simulator games, i'm still not good now"

  16. UwU-Chan

    lovin the interaction with the editors ❤️

  17. Nothing much just bored Idk

    I’m 5 hours late oof but your a very funny youtuber

  18. Hannah Panda

    Mark, I humbly REQUIRE more Cooking Simulator. As a man who owns five ovens, it's only right.

  19. Chapmna

    Think of a number, double it, add six, divide it in half, and subtract the number you started with. The answer is three. Sub if I’m right

  20. Sibby Flowers

    This game has changed a lot

  21. techmarine83

    Dude! Quit MOVING before the animations are finished. That's why shit kept fuckin up.

  22. Colyn Morris

    Play it again!

  23. Ashleah McComb

    Everyone else just rosting the camera then just the Colonel just like, no thanks

  24. Unus Annus

    Chef mark

  25. Kierstyn Groves

    make me suffer more i guess then

  26. Shocknaw

    Mark meets a furry

  27. Halla Aurora

    17:55 absolutely sent me

  28. Dan Rolles


  29. Koala

    2:58 not me fangirling over him saying my name😩

  30. João Antônio Camargo Cachoeira

    All your pogo buddies left you lmao sucker

  31. caro

    please play this again this made my day

  32. Jason's pants

    i have a sugestion. make bases all over the island then make zip lines conecting them all.

  33. Saltine Kracka

    Bruh, Lixian is perfection with these edits.

  34. Fandom Ben

    Oh shit, I didn't even realize this was posted on your channel; thought it was another fan complimation.

  35. Man of Leather

    Mark I’m sure by now ur Great Pyrenees (big white dog) doesn’t acknowledge ur existence unless u have food bc that’s how mine is 😂

  36. Longest Last

    Mark: You can't have too much salt and too little! Also mark: Hi, my name's markiplier but don't call me markiplier

  37. Louis Arcilla

    yes mark, you should play it again

  38. Andrew Megason

    U are real chef now

  39. André Flores Zamora

    Imagine theyre all red ones painted blue

  40. grace boraas

    i can realate to killing a giant barnnbie. my friends were messing around, and we threw it, and its arm popped of

  41. Mikoto Misaka

    Cooking simulator: Mark panicking for 30 minutes and sputtering about having to do things."

  42. Dorian Arcia


  43. Neil Gomezッ

    First of all.. Damn he cookin good better than pewdiepie blowing himself up and mark playing with the *tuturials* properly. pls play this game agane

  44. Izrael Desjardins

    more salt, MORE SALT

  45. Sebastian Solis

    This was so much fun to watch. Every time Mark broke a plate I lol'd.

  46. Maria Trujillo

    PleAse play more ahaha

  47. sparky 2

    You can have too much and not enough. Some potatoes had more salt on them than the others. And some had even less.

  48. Mini Werpsy

    Please play this again hilarious 😂😂

  49. tøtal bottxm

    I genuinely think the only thing keeping me going right now is suffocating via laughing at markipliers videos

  50. Tony Skulas

    18:13 what I’m having for dinner during covid

  51. The Gaming Channel

    Good job mark congrats!!!!!!!!

  52. Addie Hogan

    me expecting an outro:

  53. snuff slipknotlover

    I need more of this. I laughed so much at this 🤣 PLEASE give us more

  54. CreeperPlays Minecraft

    Ennard is the voice

  55. Cali Mango

    Reminder to self: never let Mark cook the salmon.

  56. Kuragames BR

    *we want more*


    All I hear and see when Mark is playing anything related to FNAF is: "You do you, and I'll do me. And we won't do each other... probably..."

  58. Super_goop


  59. Hayden Vorwaller

    Definitely going to want to see you play this in the future.

  60. Aaron Evans Jr.

    Play again!

  61. ImadethisaccforFunkeirao

    Guys! look at the fourth link its Justin

  62. Hannah Smith

    As a girl who loves to cook, but also has an extensive list of disabilities, it's pretty accurate simulator to me.

  63. Rosey

    Mark looks like the Korean version of Keanu Reeves. Jus gonna through that out there.

  64. BurkyBurks


  65. Jordi Games

    Tuturial 0:44

  66. Nico Derdziak

    Gotta love this, but kinda strange if u watch Lets game it outs playthrough about this game

  67. Bastian Feral

    Any1 else hear Mark channeling Mrs doubtfire???

  68. Cheshire Smile

    lixian: _trying to help_ mark: *N O*

  69. ABurch13

    Mark casually suggesting cooking with pee... Memento mori.

  70. cassiej2005

    Dammit it 🤣🤣🤣 this was hilarious!! You definitely should play it again! Our whole family was busting out laughing!! Have you tried Pizza cooking simulator? We watched Vinesauce play that one and it seemed just as chaotic! Just the laugh we needed 🤣 Thanks Mark!!

  71. Aaron Watanabe

    I want to see all these clips but without Lixian's edits so it's just Mark talking to himself.

  72. ITS ME

    springtrap looks different because of the fazbears frights fire

  73. Ethan WheatThin

    Only those with the most refined palate would be capable of tasting “too much not enough salt” 25:50

  74. Melody Wright

    If you can play that damn pogo stick game I'm pretty sure you can handle playing this more mark

  75. Prop Man


  76. LivaRules

    Please Mark, we need you to play this again! 😂❤️

  77. Stinky Gato

    Scott: I've finished my horror game everyone will now be terrified of this ending. Mark: *sings* Glitch trap: *dances* Scott: *confused screeching*

  78. Not PoopyPants

    Play pizza mode.

  79. Mig Z

    Imagine Gordon Ramsey watching this video